“Festa degli Scacchi” 2016

I had the pleasure to be invited in the first "Festa degli Scacchi" <Chess Festival> 2016, it was organized by the Chess Academy Don Pietro Carrera in Catania, it's a very important city in Sicily near the Etna volcano.

This event took place during the 30 January until the first of February, there were a lot of events : Conference, Stages, Simultaneous Exhibition, Blindfold Tournament.

An important special guest was the strong Grandmaster Axel Rombaldoni, italian champion 2014.

NM Alessandro Santagati, GM Axel Rombaldoni

NM Alessandro Santagati with the GM Axel Rombaldoni

I have done a Stage about the Attack Strategy (30 January), in which I focused the attention about the most important ideas that a players must know when he tries to make an attack (center,space,weaknesses,pieces,open lines, etc.).


The day after I played a Simul against 35 players! After more than 5 hours of playing I won 24 games 7 draw and I lost 4 games