Group lessons

I decided to introduce a new training offer, group lessons. This can help the people that are interested to improve with a lower expense. I offer standard plans and personalized plans,

about the personalized plans, if you manage a group of people that like to take lessons, I can make a specific training for you.

Chess Stage Nicolosi

I offer a lot of options about the standard plans  according to your strength to improve your chess:

1000-1199 (Group F) 

1200-1399 (Group E)

1400-1599 (Group D)

1600-1799  (Group C)

1800-1999 (Group B)

2000-2199 (Group A)

How does work the training ? Easy! You need only to take skype (if you don't know how make a skype account, follow this video), if you have problem with the download, maybe this video can help (click here).

And a free account on or, if you have both the accounts is much better.

For each session you have

  1. Video Recording of the live lesson
  2. Pgn file of the lesson
  3. Homeworks to do during the week
  4. Support by email, if you have questions about the last lesson or about the homeworks

If you need more informations about the courses please contact me (click here)