Offline Coaching Offer

Hi chess friends!

I want to inform you about my new coaching proposal, to help the people that are very busy at work that have problems to do live sessions.
I offer a very interesting offline coaching program, how does it work?
1) I will see all your games automatically on or (you don't need to send me your games) and I will make a video and a pgn file in which I will explain your common mistakes and I'll give my tips and exercises to improve.
2) If you play chess tournaments or in your local club you can send me by email also these games (if you don't know how do it, I will give you a tutorial)
3) You can choose the program monthly based or weekly based

Monthly Plan - 55$ (1 video and 1 pgn file + homeworks about your monthly activity)
Weekly Plan 29$ (1 video and 1 pgn file + homeworks about your weekly activity)
Package offer
6 months (monthly plan) - 275 $ instead of 330$
10 weeks (weekly plan) - 230 $ instead of 290$
I can offer extra discounts for talented U16 players, contact me to have information about that.
If you need more informations, please send me a message.