Sicilian Champion 2017!

I played between 2-4 june the Sicilian Championship, I won this competition with 4,5 points in 5 games. I'm very happy! It's also my second victory of this competition in 2 years, it means that I'm playing well with constancy!   I share with you my best game of the competition with comments against the…
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Greek Team Championship

Between 18-22 April I played the Aegean team chess championship in Antiparos, I played for the strong team of Rodi, for me it was a great pleasure and at end of the competitions we won and we got the qualification for the Master League. In the 5 days of play, we were very strong and…
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Offline Coaching Offer

Hi chess friends! I want to inform you about my new coaching proposal, to help the people that are very busy at work that have problems to do live sessions. I offer a very interesting offline coaching program, how does it work? 1) I will see all your games automatically on or (you…
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