I'm the fide master Alessandro Santagati , 28 years old.

I live in Catania , Sicily , and I started to play chess when I was 11 years old . My best tournament to date is the international tournament of Vittoria, Italy, where I won the tournament. Other highlights of my chess career include the international tournament of Benidorm 2012, Spain , I closed 3°-7°(170 players) with 7,5/10 points. and a third place (over 205 players) in the Malta Chess Open, november 2015.

Italian master since 2011 after the victory against the GM Igor Efimov in Montecatini International Tournament.

In 2016 I reached the title of fide master after good performance in the Cappelle La Grande open in France and in the Lugano Open in Switzerland.

I have good experience as a chess coach.
I believe that anyone can improve quickly, with proper lessons,
targeted to her/his skill level and specific needs.
My method is based on developing the creative abilities of the student,
encouraging critical thinking over the board, and
reducing pure memorization efforts to a minimum.

I speak italian and english