AurelianoSegundo - Colombia

I unreservedly recommend Alessandro as a chess coach. If you are willing to work hard and play games that he can analyze and go over with you, then you will undoubtedly start thinking differently about this game. He will focus on your weaknesses, learn your style of play, and recommend and teach openings that suit your style. Alessandro does a lot of work outside of the lesson, which is very apparent as he is always well prepared. In my case he is always up to date with my opening choices and always makes a point to explain ideas and concepts as opposed to moves. Only when move orders are extremely critical will he dwell on such nuances. Learning middle game concepts from books is very useful but never as efficient as when a master explains the concepts to you as applied to your own games. Alessandro will teach about Knight outposts, weak squares, pawn structures, files, and center control in a way that relates to your own games and in an embarrassingly humbling way. You will come to realize that you were making common mistakes when you thought otherwise and your evaluation and calculation skills will improve as a result. Chess will at times seem really easy! If you are serious about improvement Alessandro will be a great resource and will not disappoint. Again, it is with great pleasure that I recommend Alessandro as a chess coach.

Andreazappa - Italy  

Alex is such a great coach. Super flexible and patient, immediately understands the student's needs and weaknesses. His fare is very reasonable and he is a great professionel. Super recommended!

OnceUponaCheckmate - United States

Alessandro is an amazing coach. His lessons are interesting and fun to learn. I am currently learning endgames with him. I have always avoided learning endgames before. But he made the lessons so interesting that I want to learn more and more. I feel very fortunate to find Alessandro as my coach. He is a wonderful coach, great person and has a great sense of humor too. Highly recommended 😀

geekwithlens - India 

I have been training with him since last few weeks and he is an amazing coach. Excited to learn and improve more with him. 🙂