Athanael - Italy  

I have just started training with him, and even though I've only had two lessons so far, I already feel more confident about my abilities. I highly recommend this coach, he's friendly and professional.

sp1234 - India  

I did a training game with him. I learned a lot from it and his analysis were also very good. He helped understand my mistakes and problems and told me how to solve them. I recommend him as coach.

agustvo - Iceland  

Have had a trial turn-based game with Alex. Was a good experience and I recommend him as a coach. Having an interaction with a strong coach like he is really makes a difference.

ashapira - Israel

I have been a student of Alessandro for the last six months. I found him to be a very talented, patient and invested teacher.

In particular I appreciate his ability to understand my (usually faulted) line of thought, and the many occasions when he sets up a similar, but simpler position, to stress a point which I overlook.

Thank you Alessandro !