Training Programs

Are you a chess enthusiasts? a beginner? a club player? a competitive player?

Have a training program is very important to have success in your games/tournaments.

I'm the fide master Alessandro Santagati, professional coach, I can help you to understand your weaknesses and to solve them. I will see all your recent games, I will work about them and I will make a personalized program based on you!

Chess Stage Nicolosi

What are the strongest points of my training programs ? 

  1. International experience with students that won national and international titles.
  2. I follow you during you online training, I see your online games and I show how to improve
  3. Homeworks
  4. Video Recording of the lesson
  5. A lot of different program of training for all level !

See the student's feedback in the testimonial page, to have more informations about my teaching method you can see my youtube channel 😀

If you are interested to take online lesson feel free to contact me to have more information